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OPERANORD was founded by the scenographer Louise Beck with the ambition of creating a platform, where artists across borders and traditions, could meet, challenge the conventions of theatre and develop new pieces of music drama. The aim was to push theatre out on virgin territory, by creating performances in unconventional spaces.


OPERANORD has so far produced 5 large scale projects: the opera ‘Gudruns 4. Sang’ in the Dry-dock at Holmen, the requiem ’Gilles Requiem’ in the car assembly hall in the South Harbour, the opera ‘Heart in a Plastic Bag’ in the old printing house of Politiken, the symposium ‘Disturbances’ at Charlottenborg and 'Looking for Courage' at Tietgen Dormitory.


OPERANORD's latest initiative ‘Looking for Courage’ was an interdisciplinary performance project involving artists from China, Denmark and Europe. The artistic development process ran through 2013/2014/2015 and consisted of artist in residencies, workshops, teaching and seminars in both China and Denmark. The result of this artistic process became the starting point of the production phase, which culminated in a large-scale site specific promenade in Copenhagen in August and in Shanghai October 2015.



Gudruns 4. Sang was a co-production between DR and OPERANORD. It was created by the composer Haukur Tómasson, the writer Peter Laugesen, the director Lucy Bailey, the set designer Louise Beck and the lighting designer Tarja Ervasti.

Photos: Jørgen Borg, Tomas Bertelsen


Gilles Requiem was a co-production between Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Copenhagen Boys Choir and OPERANORD. It was created by the composers Daniel Nelson, Jovanka Trbojevic, Martin Hall, Juliana Hodkinson and Fläskkvartetten, the writer Per Åge Brandt, the director Linus Tunstöm, the set designer Louise Beck and the lighting designer Mogens Kjempff.      
Photos: Tom Ingvardsen, Henrik Rasmussen


Heart in a Plastic Bag was a co-production between Athlelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen and OPERANORD. It was created by the composer Jovanka Trbojevic, the writers Trine Andersen and Olii Valkonen, the director Kjetil Skøien, the set designer Eilev Skinnarmo and the lighting designer Michael Breiner.  

Photos: Henrik Ohsten


Disturbances was a co-production between NordScen, The Royal Theatre, Charlottenborg and OPERANORD.


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