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OPE-N / The idea of creating a second platform focusing on how to OPE-N the frame of minds came

in the autumn of 2015, where distressed people overran the Danish borders, only to find a closed and merciless society. Over the next years OPE-N are planning a range of projects developing different artistic languages to articulate and cure the xenophobia of our time.


The first Artistic Research project on our new OPE-N platform has the working title Act Like A Man.

The project explores what it means to be a man, and why men are so afraid of being different. Where does the fear and hate of the unknown

come from? Act Like A Man will be lead by the Icelandic director Egill Pálsson and the Danish performer Henrik Birch in collaboration with

artistic director Louise Beck.


As part of our exploration, we have decided to invite representatives from the Danish society for a dinner, created by the Syrian chef

Haitham Yassin. The feast is inspired by Karen Blixens story about the refugee Babette, who brings new life to a scared and closed off society. The purpose of our feast is to celebrate diversity and to talk about how art  – and food – can bring people together.

The dinner will be held in November 2016 at The Danish National Theatre as part of the platform KGL Dansk. Extracts from the event can be found here

Act Like a Man is supported by STATENS KUNSTFOND


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