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Art and Censorship seminar, March 8th 2015

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From the 2nd to the 8th of March 2015, we will have our next workshop in Copenhagen, where the two art duos Klejs&Rønsholdt and Sifenlv will continue their work with Looking for Courage, in collaboration with the director Charlotte Munksøe, the writer Camilla Hübbe and the performers Loré Lixenberg, Liu Zheng and Tingcui Wu. As part of this workshop, we will on the 8th of March, arrange a seminar on Art and Censorship at The Danish National School of Performing Art. This seminar will invite international artists and scholars to debate the consequences of censorship and to discuss the differences between internal and external restrictions in an artistic process. The seminar will open with a brief workshop presentation of Looking for Courage. Sign up here for the seminar:

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